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Niti Chetna is a Section 8 Company and was registered on 16th March 2020 with Ministry of corporate affairs with registrations Number-362844. Niti Chetna also enjoys exemption certifications from Income Tax Authorities in the form of 12 A and 80 G. The entity is not for profit with the sole objective of awaring the masses with various governmental policies and programs apart from enlightening them and awakeneing them on various issues relating to finance,Insurance, health, nature and many more

This will include profile of all the three Directors Anish Singh, Anil Kukreti and Amit Goswami
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Under Our Offerings
Financial and Tax Awareness – Arth Gyan Desh Mahan
May be bitter to sound but the fact of the contemporary world is that the most valuable resource today is THE MONEY OR THE FINANCE. Barring few, most of the activities infact today of any person revolves round the finance. The goal obviously varies from person to person .To some the activities are centered towards provision for finance for meeting the basic amenities in the form of ROTI, KAPRA AND MAKAN and for some the provision of finance is for rule and for dominance. Gone are the days when the desired supplies could have been ensured following the barter systme of exchange. With the inception of money and acceptance of same as legal tender the resource in the form of finance gained importance. Today it is the most important and valuable resource, infact every decision of an individual or of a society or of a nation revolves round only one resource and that is finance.
When the financial resource is so important and omnipresent it is imperative on the part of masses to ensure their judical use for the maximum benefit. Now we can ask ourselves that do the masses across globe and specially our country India posses requisite knowledge to ensure the optimal utilisation of this valuable resource. The answer is certainly no . This is the reason why the founders of Niti Chetna stood up and took the oath of equipping the masses with all essential kno-hows surrounding the use of financial resource through appraisals of financial frameworks like banking systems, related schemes and programs, Consumer Protection,Taxation and other related laws etc through the Program called ARTH GYAN DESH MAHAN
Health Awareness- Swaastha Samaj Desh Ka Nirman
Rightly said HEALTH is WEALTH or THE ONLY WEALTH. All achievements, all developments goes futile if the health is not ensured. This does not only apply on personal level but it also applies on national level or global level A country even if flourishes in short run,will collapse if it does not ensure a healthy mass. The world has seen and experienced an unforgettable era in the form of COVID Pandemic . The development is not going to last if it is not sutained in the form of healthy environment and healthy citizens. At a time when everyone is geared up to re design the health infrastructure it is everyones responsibility to bring changes with in our selves also. Considering it as our responsibility NITI CHETNA has decided to aware the masses with various policies and programs relating to health through its Program Swaastha Samaj Desh Ka Nirman

Team NITI CHETNA knows and accepts that any empowerment can not come unless the citizens are aware of the issues relating to laws. We also accepts that a country like ours where masses if not made aware of their basic constitutional and legal rights will not flourish in real sence. The Legal literacy and legal awareness lie at the base of any effort toward legal empowerment to the people. Critical knowledge of legal provisions and processes, coupled with the skills to use this knowledge to realize rights and entitlements will empower people to demand justice, accountability and effective remedies at all levels. Considering the related awareness as an imperative and much needed we are committed to make masses aware with atleast the basic constitutional and legal rights so as to enable them to stood up against injustices if any. We call our effort as VIDHI GYAN DESH BALWAN

At a time when nature has shown its warning in the form of excessive rains, floods, draught , frequent,earthquakes, etc it becomes important for all of us to gear up and channelise the resources towards saving the nature for future, before its become too late. Excessive and irrational use of natural resources in the name of development has brought us at a point where the extinction of human race is at stake. To ensure biological and ecological balances it is important that we enlighten the masses for nature preservance because it is day who can bring the real change and contribute to the effort of government . To propell the effort of government and various organisation NITI CHETNA pledges to SAVE THE FUTURE through its program PRAKRITI ME HI BHAVISYA